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Jisk, Inc. prides itself on the support of local, as well as distant companies as a result of the quality maintenance services we provide for various industrial sites. Our instrumentation staff is trained and certified in meeting the needs of your company’s equipment to ensure a safe and clean working process. We deal with the calibration and certification of all of the following:

Equipment We Service

Our electrical staff is trained in all aspects of the electrical field, pressure-flow-transmittersand we’ve successfully serviced all major industries, including chemical and manufacturing. This experience has given us a uniquely high level of expertise working with complex wiring, along with maintenance and installation of instrumentation equipment including the following:

New Services

Over the years, we’ve worked with various plant sites, power plants, waste water treatment plants and businesses. We do much work in the southeast, but we’re not limited to just the surrounding areas. We are more than capable and qualified to perform services anywhere in the United States as we’ve performed in the past. Call us today at 706-798-4731, and we’ll take great care of you. Click here for a detailed list of current and past clients.

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